Model Floor Edifício do Parque

Located in Matosinhos, the model floor belonging on to the Edifício do Parque was developed in a 3-bedroom apartment, with approximately 180m2 and a privileged view of the beach and Parque da Cidade. A profile of those who live in the apartment was created: a young couple with a 4-year old daughter. Contemporary art enthusiasts, installation is a constant presence throughout the habitation – in each space an intervention is associated to it, which confers a more personal identity to it (illustration in the suite, applications on the entrance hall walls, among others…). The office was envisioned in such a way that images representing their specific interests were compiled, a collection which has become somewhat of a habit for the couple. In the daughter’s room a fantasy-type concept was requested and created, done so by means of designed wallpaper as well as a design factory* creation, a bed created by a junction of painted pipes. The end result was a luminous apartment based on a palette consisting of warm colors, in strong contrasting tones.

Ficha técnica
  • Ano: 2012
  • Area de intervenção:180m2
  • Local: Matosinhos