Located on Rua da Restauração, the model floor of the building Monchique was developed into a duplex 4-bedroom apartment, with approximately 270m2 and a privileged view onto the Douro River. A profile was developed of those who would be living in the house: a married couple with two children and a grandson, thus the importance of incorporating a baby room, who tends to visit his grandparents on a regular basis. They enjoy having their friends and family over and therefore give great importance to the social area of the house. Contemporary art enthusiasts, artwork is a constant presence throughout the entire house. In what concerns the furniture chosen, old pieces of furniture from the former home, holding great sentimental value, were incorporated with some pieces of furniture designed by design factory*. The result was a luminous apartment, containing a décor consisting of a pallet of neutral tones and pastel with small details in color.

Ficha técnica
  • Ano: 2011
  • Area de intervenção:270m2
  • Local: Porto