Having taken it upon ourselves to respect in its entirety the pre-existence of a building built in the 70s, design factory* projected the alteration of the architectural interior, a total of 1000m2, distributed between two floors. The working area, initially very divided and destined for individual occupation, was transformed into an open working area, giving off a more ample feel despite the use of dividers – an area walled by glass and complemented by a wooden base. So as to provide some form of privacy and to avoid transforming them into opaque elements, blinds were designed in a way in which they could be composed by metallic plates whose origins were leftover scraps which were not used in the production of aerosol packaging. In the meeting room, the boardroom table takes on a sculpturesque characteristic owing to its unique design. Its unique design was due to a request for a desk which would not transmit a sense of hierarchy. The restroom stalls were coated with metallic plates which were embellished with details belonging to the industrial area of the factory. All the walking areas were renovated, with the intent that the renovation would reflect a strong and coherent image throughout the whole building.

Ficha técnica
  • Ano: 2009
  • Area de intervenção:1000m2
  • Local: Vale de Cambra