Souto Moura´s chair – Duets

It was through an evident Modernist influence, Mies Van Der Rohe and Le Corbusier to be exact, and Eduardo Souto de Moura architecture that design factory* found its inspiration.
Aside from the spatial character, a constructive component is evident particularly in Miles architecture – an “I” profile. Souto de Moura resorts to this constructive element innumerous times, as an acknowledged symbolic element. Through this form, design factory* developed a creative process on a duet which hoped to show a synergy between our office and Souto de Moura.
The chair consists of a well-defined profile of plywood with a flexible back support to fit and adjust to the user: seemingly simple, refined and minimalist.

Ficha técnica
  • Ano: 2001
  • Area de intervenção: 4070m2
  • Local: Matosinhos