Get Set Festival “The House : Creative exhibition”

Porto. A street. A vacant house. Decadent Beauty. Ingredients for an artistic intervention, for the transformation of a past of ruin into a creative and dynamic exhibition.
Integrated in the Get Set Festival, design factory* was given the responsibility of the conceptualization and trusteeship of an old commercial building on Rua do Almada. The House was the social area of the Get Set Festival, invaded daily by design, art and music. The desire to participate in an alternative festival, is accompanied by the desire to get involved, of having a proactive attitude in artistic regeneration and culture in Porto. The sensation of occupying a space and transforming it so others can do the same is, without a doubt, the pleasure of any interior designer. Opening the doors of a building which has been closed for over a decade, allowing it to generate curiosity in some and allowing others to relive specific moments, was without a doubt an accomplished goal.
With the participation of many creative forces from different fields and of different nationalities and backgrounds, design factory* was responsible for the creation of The House – Creative Exhibition. In total, 16 artistic manifestations were found throughout the building. From the ground floor to the second floor to the exterior areas, no space was left indifferent to the explosion of art. Design factory*´s intervention resulted in the creation of a second skin for the building, a contemporary vision of Decadent Beauty which flows through each floor, culminating in a reflection of the present and on the “Rising above conformity” way of being.