Oporto Show, 2008

This event which was used to introduce Desgin Factory, design and innovation office belonging to RAR Imobiliaria, as well as set forth a challenge to the visitor’s imagination in an ample space of dreams and imagination. Emulating a universe where everything is possible, a scenic setting was set up on one of the exterior patios of the Alfândega, representing components of an XL-sized house. Reflecting the intense solar light, the white structures caught the attention of all those who were visiting, serving as an invitation to further explore the concept: “A Casa dos seus sonhos” (“The House of your dreams”). The presentation was integrated into the Oporto Show, one of the most renowned events in the field of architecture and design.

Ficha técnica
  • Ano: 2008
  • Area de intervenção: 400m2
  • Local: Porto