Oporto Show, 2012

For this event, design factory* decided to take a different approach in regards to its previous participations, one which would express its point of view on new design values and how they are seen in modern design. Looking to situate itself in the current landscape, design factory*’s goal was that Point of View would reflect the social-economic, political and cultural context. More so than simply roaming through the fair, df* sought to transform the visitor into an active participant in the evaluation and critique of what is done in modern day design and how it manifests itself in days of hardship like those in which Portugal has been going through. Integrated in the fair’s theme, “On Stage”, design factory* materialized a project which took into account the backstage area of the stage. Creating a mesh with different densities, a route was created which led the visitor to explore the different spaces, whose concepts were represented by various guests belonging to the most diverse creative areas (Less for more_Like Architects; Praiseyour culture_Pedro Barbosa; Design Aid_Miguel Neiva; Cross Sharing_ Esad; Rise above…_OpoLab and Dub video Connection). The material used to create the mesh consisted of waste from the textile industry.