Pop Up Store

The concept of a pop up is an innovative commercial format whose goal is to generate consumer curiosity through the appearance of new brands. With a total area of 120m2, the project associated to the interior of the shop had as its starting point the material used for packaging developed by Companhia Douro e Vouga, a company which commercializes traditional Portuguese food products. Taking into account the proposed budget, and considering that the shop would be open for only a month, 700 carton tubes of different lengths were used, arranged organically. The niches formed conferred a great deal of dynamism and movement to the project, creating a new way in which to show the products. Today the shop can be in one place and in another the following day.

Ficha técnica
  • Ano: 2001
  • Area de intervenção: 4070m2
  • Local: Matosinhos