RAR Holding

Design factory* was asked to take hold of the three floors found at RAR Holding and introduce a contemporary touch to the existent “outdated” look. DF’s proposal focused its attention primarily on the ground floor and the third floor. The first impact felt upon entering is delivered by an exhibition of framed paintings, of the authority of a plastic artist, invited to “capture” the group through paintings – a wide diversity of colors and faces. On the ground floor the coating materials were altered, making use of bolon for the entrance hall flooring (which was also used as a coating for one of the walls) as well as wood used for the walls in the waiting area and distributed throughout different offices. The elevator walls were plated with mirrors, done so with the intent of giving amplitude to the area as well as allowing that a central body to tear through every floor. On the last floor, an office was remodeled in its entirety, which ultimately allowed for better lighting conditions and greater comfort when making use of the working area. Both the stand and decorative panel found on the wall were designed by design factory*.

Ficha técnica
  • Ano: 2010
  • Area de intervenção: m2
  • Local: Porto