Edifício do Parque presentation

For the presentation of the Edifício do Parque a particular request was asked to be taken into account during the undertaking: sustainability.
Giant tulip-shaped fixtures were used in a pallet somewhere between green and white, transmitting a relationship between the building and a surrounding involving both the sea and green spaces.
A process was thought out while focusing on three moments: an exhibition room containing models of a project developed by the students of Esad (Escola Superior de Artes e Design – Matosinhos) for an apartment of this undertaking, a second phase in which cocktails were served in the garden and in the interior of the house and, lastly, the presentation of the project in the hall of the house, with the selection of the furniture left up to df* and the aiding in specialized lighting and appropriate audiovisual equipment.

Ficha técnica
  • Ano: 2007
  • Area de intervenção: 1000m2
  • Local: Matosinhos