Serralves Christmas bazar

THE TREE, the name given to the project developed for the Bazar de Natal de Serralves 2012, aimed to create an artificial wooded area, symbolizing Christmas integrated in a green park context. Looking to follow its sustainability preoccupations and integrating Serralves’ environmental policy, design factory* developed the design of pieces resorting to existent surplus wood, placing emphasis on the two illuminated trees found at the entrance of the Bazar. The exhibition of the products, divided into five thematic areas (personal accessories, parking, home and décor, food and beverage and children), based itself on the use of white cardboard boxes, which happen to be reusable and recyclable, of different sizes, conferring a special emphasis on the exhibited product. The graphic design of the signs was also created by design factory*, holding to the terminology already in use in the Museu de Serralves (Serralves Museum).